Cosmetic Teeth Whitening System
Beyond White Spa select system produces a concentrated beam of high-intensity blue light to accelerate the whitening process. An advanced filtration system removes harmful ultraviolet light and heat, while Beyond White Spa Selects specially formulated whitening gel works to whiten teeth, restoring them to a shiny white. 

Headquartered in Stafford, Texas, U.S.A., BEYOND™ employs the highest standards when developing new products. The BEYOND™ WhiteSpa Select teeth whitening system for salons and spas provides consumers with a simple, safe, convenient way to return their teeth to their optimal, natural whiteness in just 60 minutes.

BEYOND™ Dental & Health is dedicated to offering the most reliable and affordable cosmetic teeth whitening equipment to aesthetic professionals and is renowned for its high quality products and superior marketing and customer strategies. For more information please visit their website, Beyond White Spa